Sunday, September 7, 2008

Sausage From The SmokeHouse

Made a trip back home last weekend to do a number of things....
- trail ride to test new quad
- scout for moose in the forest reserve...and trails...(dern forest companies closing roads down)
- try out new sausage stuffer
- try out Dad's new Smokehouse by doing a 1/2 batch of Sausage

Well....all was successful....other than burrying the Quad in the first Muskeg hole (thanks to the winch for getting me out). Both Kallie and Jordan had fun on the Quad. Got to scout out some nice trails.

As for the stuffer....."WOW"...that thing works slick....

As for the the words of my wife..."that might be the best sausage you made to date". Another "WOW".

All we did was a half batch of our regular Ukrainian recipie....10lbs lean ground beef and 5 lbs 70/30 ground pork.....then dad heard about this other guy who adds in some ground cured we added about 1lb....and I too must say a very nice mild well balanced sausage came out of it.

Now if only I can get a couple deer and maybe a moose this fall and were set for the year with sausage.