Monday, November 26, 2007


How sweet it is!!!!

Saturday, November 24, 2007


We all know what is happening tomorrow....

Riders are in the Grey Cup!!

Lets all cheer them on and cook up a storm.

For me its ribs and wings......

Good Luck Riders!!!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Pulled the Crock heard me right....

Trust me...this is wonderfully tender, tasty, a treat....and best of all EASY!!!

Tossed a 6lb pork butt in the crock (hint- wipe down crock with olive oil first...cleans easy). Can do it a variety of different flavs....easiest???? Dump a full bottle of your favourite BBQ sauce over the top. On low for 8hrs or high for 4hrs....don't peek!

Take out and put on plate to sit for 20 min covered with foil.....then pull apart with forks. As you can see in the pick I found these PLATE SIZE crusty buns at Safeway....toasted with some olive oil and rubbed with fresh garlic. Stacked high with shredded pork...healthy dose of more bbq sauce and I was stuffed 10 minutes later....

Trust me...try will like....

Low and Slow Chicken

Ya its being a while since I posted....well here it goes.

Sobey's lately has being having a sale on chicken legs with back attached. They are indeed great for the Grill. A dash of my not so famous spice mix overnite in the fridge....a looong...3hrs or so on the grill on indirect heat...a little alder wood....and there you go. Add a nice rice dish....some veg....your done.

If we are cut for time I just grill them on direct heat...but for "fall off the bones" meat...low and works nice.