Sunday, June 19, 2011

Fridge Smoker/BBQ

Fathers day today....started on a project I wanted to try for the longest time. A combo smoker and BBQ. Using an old fridge I decomissioned. It may be along the lines of a Stumps.

Demo....thought I would have to rip out a bunch of spray foam...turns out it had batt insulation...the interior is I am resuing that and mounting racks on it and reinserting. Also got a bag of high temp insulation.....progress at least.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

More Pics of Stuffing Sausage

Here are a few more pics from the previous time we did the Sausage.

Sausage and Jerky...with Deer

Has being a while but we made Sausage and Jerky last weekend. Plus Dad did a couple versions of Pork Breakfast sausage. One Maple and one Traditional sage flavour...both excellent.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Maple Smoke Bacon

Our family Dad...has always bought his own bacon slabs, put them to cure and smoked them in his Smokehouse. I have never had any bacon as good as our family recipie has being. Never changed over the years and always consistent. wife and I bought a half a pig cut and wrapped from our local Felligers Butcher shop. Always good products from them...always friendly service. Well we got a slab of bacon cut up into 8' chunks about. What to do with raw bacon....hmmmm....Dad's walkin Smonkehouse is over 3hrs away!!

Well...I put it to cure for 5 days in the basic cure that my Dad used except....I added Brown Sugar. Finally today is the day to smoke it. A visit to the local Peavey Mart got me a bag of Maple wood chips. I made up 4 smoke pouches and did an offset smoke session for 4hrs on my Vermont Castings Grill.

No I did not fry any bacon up yet...but my daughter and I cut a few slices off the top and we both loved the flavour. I am anxious for tomorrows Breakfast to see how it tastes.

Big Flavour...Simple Grilling

On the plate tonight was...

- Lemon Pepper rubbed Drumsticks
- Lemon Pepper Asparagus
- Pan Fried Prawns with "ClubHouse" Roasted Garlic and Peppers

The Drumsticks went in the fridge overnite...a very nice zing to them...not a ton of lemon flavour. Next time maybe squeeze a lemon into butter and baste them. Love the zing though off them...did I say that already?

Asparagus will always be good on the grill in the pan or steamed. My daughter does not like the "burned" bits on them from the do you tell a 11yr old thats "Flavour"?? Maybe I will invest in a vegetable grill pan....get the grill flavour and heat but no 'bits".

The wife did up her Prawns in a simple pan on the stove with butter. The Clubhouse seasoning is sure good on anything...chicken, fish, vegetable...

For those who think grilling fancy is putting actual cheddar cheese on their burger instead of the Kraft cheese slices....try to impress the girlfriends with a meal like I put on. In the long days of summer their is plenty of time to TRY NEW THINGS!!

Till next time....see you at the Grill!!!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Aftermath of Son's First Prepared Meal

As the below post indicates....our son did a nice Mothers Day present and made Taco Salad and Apple Crisp.

Well...I am still here typing so no food poisoning...actually the Taco Salad was a big hit and even his Sister Kallie liked

The Apple Crisp....a good job...but needs time less apples, more brown sugar...hehe...we needed more "syrup"...

Other wise....GOOD JOB SON....your hired....

It has being a while since I ventured into an "all sausage store" As some know my family does our own sausage from scratch a couple times of the year. This time however the wife and I were looking for some spices for the BBQ season....

On a recommendation from CJ Katz ( I was told I could find spices...and lots of them at JB's in Regina. Well...finally got to the place today and yes they have spices...lots. A very good variety of basic shelf spices; garlic powder, celery salt, different paprikas, etc. That is not all they have people.

As their name indicates they are a sausage making supply place. I was impressed to see a good variety (at decent prices I might add overall) of equipment and accessories AND a good selection of many different sausage mixes. Give them a Try if your in Regina.....

We bought the "Saskatchewan BBQ Spice and the basic Lemon Pepper Spice" both with JB's brand on them. As most say....the spice mix has to taste good if its going to any good on your meat. Well....both taste good out of the

Now will have to pay a visit to our local Fellinger's Butcher store to get a nice summer BBQ pack....that should last a couple of months....plenty of meat to try the new spices on.