Wednesday, May 13, 2009

It has being a while since I ventured into an "all sausage store" As some know my family does our own sausage from scratch a couple times of the year. This time however the wife and I were looking for some spices for the BBQ season....

On a recommendation from CJ Katz ( I was told I could find spices...and lots of them at JB's in Regina. Well...finally got to the place today and yes they have spices...lots. A very good variety of basic shelf spices; garlic powder, celery salt, different paprikas, etc. That is not all they have people.

As their name indicates they are a sausage making supply place. I was impressed to see a good variety (at decent prices I might add overall) of equipment and accessories AND a good selection of many different sausage mixes. Give them a Try if your in Regina.....

We bought the "Saskatchewan BBQ Spice and the basic Lemon Pepper Spice" both with JB's brand on them. As most say....the spice mix has to taste good if its going to any good on your meat. Well....both taste good out of the

Now will have to pay a visit to our local Fellinger's Butcher store to get a nice summer BBQ pack....that should last a couple of months....plenty of meat to try the new spices on.

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