Saturday, May 30, 2009

Maple Smoke Bacon

Our family Dad...has always bought his own bacon slabs, put them to cure and smoked them in his Smokehouse. I have never had any bacon as good as our family recipie has being. Never changed over the years and always consistent. wife and I bought a half a pig cut and wrapped from our local Felligers Butcher shop. Always good products from them...always friendly service. Well we got a slab of bacon cut up into 8' chunks about. What to do with raw bacon....hmmmm....Dad's walkin Smonkehouse is over 3hrs away!!

Well...I put it to cure for 5 days in the basic cure that my Dad used except....I added Brown Sugar. Finally today is the day to smoke it. A visit to the local Peavey Mart got me a bag of Maple wood chips. I made up 4 smoke pouches and did an offset smoke session for 4hrs on my Vermont Castings Grill.

No I did not fry any bacon up yet...but my daughter and I cut a few slices off the top and we both loved the flavour. I am anxious for tomorrows Breakfast to see how it tastes.

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