Monday, August 4, 2008

Pork Ribs.....Low and Slow?

Sobeys had some pork ribs on sale with breast attached. Bought 2 large bulk paks and a pack of Maple Leaf back ribs as well.

I rubbed 3 of them Friday nite and did them with indirect heat on the VC natural gas grill. Added a stick of Black Alder for flavour. They took the full 3hrs. Last 20 min I put some heat under them just to take them through to the end and brushed them with some Sugar Ray BBQ Sauce.

I thought they were an improvement from before same as the wife said. She wanted a bit more sweetness to them then I remembered I forgot to add some Maple Syrup to the BBQ sauce. Since I saved one slab for tonite. I am going to slow heat it with the sauce for supper.

For texture.....they were just right....I read somewhere that the meat should just be slightly hanging on the bone....and not falling off. This is what these were.

So slowly....little by little improvement. The rub......I think is good....if anything a slight tweeking.

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