Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Meat Grinder....New Addition.....or was....

Week or so ago my family traveled back to my homeland(NE Saskatchewan...) to finally make our Homemade Sausage out of that Deer I harvested from last fall.

Aside from the new stuffer I bought last year....'see lower post'...I took the chance to buy a basic meat grinder from Canadian Tire before I left. A Cuisinart Waring Pro...$129.99.

After grinding...or regrinding 20lbs of 70/30 pork and 30lbs of lean deer me when I say this unit works does. Not a speed demon by any means...and YES....when the instruction booklet says the frozen meat must be able to be pierced by a knife before putting it is telling the truth.

It did the job...nice easy...and especially love the ease of disassemble to clean the cutting head and housing. If your in the market for something for the odd it. Now if your looking to do a whole

My only concern is that when I went to pack up to go was no where to be found....hmmm....and mom did not say a word about it........never even said...."hey don't forget your grinder"......I hope you get good use out of it MOM!

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