Sunday, March 9, 2008

Long Winter....2008 BBQ SEASON HAS STARTED!!!!

I am far from a diehard BBQ -40 temps and standing out tending the fire....nope....

Weather is nice 10 today...snow is melting....proly gone by weeks end.

Saturday I grilled some pork ribs.....sorry no pics....did a quick rub of oregano, cayenne, rock salt, fresh pepper, brown sugar, onion and garlic powder. Added some soy sauce, Worchestershire(sp?), orange juice and Extra Virgin Olive oil. Let that rest for 6 hrs or so then did then on extreme low heat my gas BBQ. Mixed up some BBQ sauce and Nice Canadian Maple Syrup and lathered them up a couple times before taking off. They turned out quite good....A little on the over done side but I liked the crunch.

So I start the 2008 BBQ season...this (yesterday) March 8, 2008 here on the prairies.......

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