Monday, March 10, 2008


Well The ol' Fiesta BBQ has served its time....couple of new burners, 2 or 3 igniter wires...quite a few selections of new lava rocks....and oh....a little cleaning out occasionally. The wife and I believe it is time to bring home a new BBQ for the back deck this time it WILL be a natural gas unit.

God I just hate running out of propane.............#**^#**

Well we have begun the hunt and I am limiting myself to three brands.
A Napoleon Prestige II PT485RB or similar model....tah daa!!(Nice "Ted Reader" Edition at Cdn Tire)
Vermont Castings Experience 400 model
or a Weber Genesis S 320
Local dealers are around for all of hopefully with a price tag around $700 to $900 I can round one up.

My Dad still wants to build a new walk-in smoke house this spring....I was going to make a barrel unit this summer but if I can get one of the above units with 3 burners and plenty of grill space I can make due to do some offset smoking.

Stay tuned!!!

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