Sunday, September 9, 2007

BBQ Beef on the BBQ

Friday nite I smoked a Sirloin Tip I had in the freezer. Tried a basic rub of Garlic powder, celery salt, paprika, ground pepper, dry mustard and a touch of cayenne.

Added a stick of Alder to lower grill...waited for smoke then begun. Approx. 250deg for 3hrs. Started at 5pm when I arrived home from work so was smokin in the dark. Mopped a mix of hickory Honey and Garlic BBQ sauce on it last 45min. I then put it to rest for 15 before cutting into it.

Overall a nice mild taste. I will proly add some onion powder and crushed corriander next time. Although...the meat was a bit tough. I shaved some up and laid it on a nice crusty bun with some left over mop sauce. A nice late friday snack....only thing missing was the beer I ran out of earlier in the week.

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