Sunday, September 9, 2007

Pizza on the Grill

What better snack to have today for the Rider vrs Bombers CFL Football game then Pizza on the BBQ. I have to admit I don't do this very often but when I do it is truely a nice treat.

I started out with some store bought pizza crust....little 6" size. Lightly dressed each side with some organic olive oil and crisped them up on both sides on the hot grill. Could not go any further until I rubbed some fresh garlic cloves on one side for added taste and aroma. Lathered on some basic pizza sauce (store bought)...then all fresh ingredients of onions, garlic, mushrooms and topped with assorted pepperoni, ham, summer sausage and a dash of oregano and basil. After a nice drop of chedder cheese and some extra sauce I let them sit on the grill under indirect heat for about 20 minutes. They smoked along nicely with a touch of Alder wood left from the beef on the bun I did 2 days ago.

Took them off and appropriately my daughter and I woofed down a couple. The smokyiness really adds to them. If you haven't try it.

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