Saturday, September 1, 2007

Brined Chicken....yep...long bath

Last time I tried this I think all I did was give the chicken a long bath. My salt and sugar was too little for the volume of water. Wife bought a good sized chicken yesterday and she left it in the sink in a ice water bath to thaw out. When she was on the phone with a friend and not looking I dumped about 2 cups of brown sugar, a cup of sea salt, 2 table spoons of thyme and for "what the heck" sake I crushed up some red and black peppercorns and tossed them in.

After I took the injector and did my best nurse duties on the thighs and I transferred it all into the roaster and into the fridge for overnite.

I guess we will see if this does really give a nice moist tasting chicken.

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