Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Crock Pot BBQ Roast??

Okay...aside from lathering on a hefty dose of some Bullseye BBQ sauce using a crockpot is no where near true Q....bare wit me... As school for kids start tomorrow (yehaaaa!) wife wanted to pick up some stuff for school lunches. After a Daddy day off cookin supper - (Mcdonalds.....that taste of premium Canadian beef "healthy" doused in a heart racing salt and oooozing artery clogging grease....oh my...come hither it calls) I picked up two nice beef sirloin roasts. I did a simple rub of ginger, sea salt, fresh ground pepper, dried parsley(what the heck...), celery salt, dried mustard and garlic powder. I wrapped it and put it in the fridge for supper tomorrow. Will brown off at noon and drop in slow cooker with some(whatever flav) off the shelf BBQ sauce for supper.

Its hard to screw up the crockpot...but hey....shit happens sometimes....we will see. The second roast I will try to do on Q again this weekend....but I will proly K.I.S.S. it....gotta try to please the wife with the Q....sometimes.

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